We are a collective of creative minds looking to rejuvenate the essential purity of the arts (music, dance, and physical art) leaving the creative control up to the artist. A full service media production facility located in The Bay Area, California. As creative minds, we aspire to preserve the integrity of each artist’s energy and unique vision. Our purpose is to become a conduit for your creativity while providing a seamless transition from imagination to production. Equipped with the latest tools for audio recording and media software, ENTNSEnt is committed to provide the finest sound and aesthetic quality for branding and marketing. Website




Fiero Flair is an empowerment company that provides services, events, and products for professional & personal development. Website




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Pacific Rim Video and its sister company Pacific Rim Photo Press was founded in 2006 as a media outlet and celebrity photo agencies to spotlight of Asians and Latino Celebrities along every colors in between in entertainment ranging from film, TV, music, art, sports and lifestyle. Our founders realized the disparity of the media coverage of minorities in Hollywood which gave Peter Gonzaga and Sthanlee B. Mirador to create the video and photo syndicate/media outlet. Spotlights includes interviews and event coverage of up and coming music artists, actors, producers, social media influences and companies that are inclusive of minority talent. Pacific Rim Video and Pacific Rim Photo Press’ coverage have been featured in such media outlets as GMA Network Philippines, KSCI’s “Kababayan Today,” Fox Network Santa Barbara and TMZ among others. Website



Q-York is a multi-award winning Filipino-American Hip Hop record production duo composed of Flava Matikz (DJ/producer) and Knowa Lazarus (songwriter/MC). The name Q-YORK stands for “Quality – Yields Our Richest Key” and also Queens, New York where the group was founded in 2001. They have released numerous albums and appeared on various compilations and mixtapes worldwide. Q-York has also produced and written songs for major artists and corporations in many different genres. Q-York is endorsed by FIBA 3X3 as MC & DJ and they tour yearly around the world with the international basketball tournament. 

Knowa Lazarus and Flava Matikz are also partners in a their own creative and multimedia studio, “Neu Breed Media” ( Knowa Lazarus is in the midst of starting his own non-profit organization in the U.S. the “Sama Sama Foundation” ( to help feed, clothe and educate children in need through sports, music and edutainment. From sales of their latest album “The Philippine Dream”, Q-York has already fed 5000 children in The Philippines! 




New Bay Area based live band with an R&B Old School Funk feel. Consisting of musicians and vocalists with decades of experience performing on stage. RelativeKey is an 8 piece band with colorful harmonies from their 4 vocalists and heart pumping musical arrangements coming from the musicians. Their set lists are comprised of old school 80’s and 90’s to the most current and popular hits. 




Bay Area professional DJ services with the most up to date playlists, prompt responsiveness and excellent service. Offering personalized packages with lighting and emcee services. Every event requires the right DJ and emcee for the job. SoundWorks has specialists that will suit the needs of every type of event.



Sthanlee B. Mirador is a FilAm Entertainment Photographer who has photographed Hollywood celebrities from red carpet movie premieres to enterainment award shows and various events for over 20 years. As an Entertainment Photographer he captures all talent and also acknowledges fellow Filipinos & Asian Americans on the red carpet. He is signed with a Photo Press agency named SIPA USA in New York which also distributes his coverage to the Associated Press (AP), USA Today Network, Tribune News Service and all major U.S. Publications. 
Born in the Philippines and raised in Southern California, Mirador developed a deep passion for the visual and performing arts. Those passions continue today, even beyond Hollywood, through mentorship and as an avid supporter of Asian American community events.


TRAKTIVIST.COM is the premiere platform to discover, promote, and historically archive music made by Asian Americans. Featured on NBC features almost 2,000 Asian American artists with the goal of archiving a rich history of music from Asian Americans in North America, while being the first to know about new and emerging artists.


Thank you to the following non-profit organizations for being a part of our selection committee for the 2017 performance showcase: 


The Center for Asian American Media (CAAM) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to presenting stories that convey the richness and diversity of Asian American experiences to the broadest audience possible. We do this by funding, producing, distributing and exhibiting works in film, television and digital media. Website


The Filipino American Arts Exposition (FAAE) is a vital part of the rich tapestry of cultures and ethnic communities of the San Francisco Bay Area through its promotion of Filipino American art, music, film and dance. FAAE celebrates its ancestral heritage and contemporary traditions, broadening awareness and deepening the understanding of Filipino history, achievements and culture.

Founded in 1994, FAAE is a grassroots, nonprofit organization that contributes to the artistic and cultural pride of the Filipino American community and strives to be a meaningful community tradition among the many great ethnic institutions of San Francisco. Website



APAture is a multidisciplinary arts festival featuring the work of emerging Asian Pacific American (APA) artists local to the San Francisco Bay Area. Coinciding with Kearny Street Workshop’s 45th Anniversary, this year’s festival will showcase talent from artists unraveling their stories in film, literature, music, performance, book arts, and visual arts. From September 30 to October 28, over 60 artists will present their work to approximately 1,000 festival-goers across multiple dates and venues around the South of Market area. Website




Kollaboration is a non-profit organization, annual talent showcase, and grassroots movement to disrupt the status quo of mainstream media. Kollaboration sees artistry as one of the most effective and inspiring forms of activism. Kollaboration San Francisco’s core mission is to build bridges, out-create negative stereotypes, and promote diversity. Website



OACC builds vibrant communities through Asian and Pacific Islander (API) arts and culture programs that foster intergenerational and cross-cultural dialogue, cultural identity, collaboration, and social justice.

OACC envisions vibrant, healthy, and just communities where diverse Asian and Pacific Islander identities and heritage are affirmed and celebrated through cross-cultural exchange, intergenerational dialogue, and educational programming. Website